Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

Like any emerging technology, Cloud is constantly evolving and needs a dedicated resource to manage its various aspects. Hiring and training an expert to perform all required tasks can be expensive, especially if you have multiple Cloud options. At ITEK, we recognize that the pain involved in hiring, training and keeping experts on staff is nearly impossible and inefficient. Our Managed Cloud solution offers you a simple outsourcing option. As your trusted partner, we manage everything from Private to Public Cloud, Hybrid Clouds and everything in between. Whether your business needs a multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure or a single-server private Cloud facility, you can choose from easy-to-pick managed Cloud solutions to match your requirements and your budget. We can also mediate with multiple providers to combine features and options and put together a customized solution that meets your unique business requirements. We provide end-to-end support and manage your Cloud infrastructure for you, so you get a seamless experience at all times.
Our packaged Cloud solutions include:

Managed Private Cloud: For your business-critical applications, you must have the performance, reliability and security that a Private Cloud offers. Whether you have VMware, HPE, IBM, Dell or Oracle Netapp as your Private Cloud infrastructure provider, our Managed Private Cloud Solution is there to assist you with a responsive help desk 24x7x365.

Managed Public Cloud: Public Clouds are great for businesses looking for agility, scalability and cost-efficiency. We can help if you need Public Cloud to host your non-critical applications or are thinking about distributing your applications and business processes between Public and Private Cloud. At ITEK, our performance-oriented Cloud experts work to optimize your Cloud backed up strategic planning, compliance and iron-clad security. Choose from:
– Azure
– Google
– Hybrid

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