ITEK's New Branding - It Is Not Just a New Logo

ITEK’s New Branding – It Isn’t Just a New Logo.

Change has been the only constant in our journey to excellence so far. Today, ITEK is happy to announce our new branding.

ITEK's New Branding

It isn’t just a new logo.
Yes, we have a new look. But the change is way deeper.

Since 2004, ITEK has been an IT service provider offering solutions to small-medium businesses (SMEs) in the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Southern Ontario. With our hard work, we have earned credibility as a trusted partner particularly among dental practices in the Southern Ontario region, which has been our forte since inception. Our key to success has been our ability to embrace newer technology and digital expansion and infuse it into our solutions thereby empowering our clients to operate and grow their business.

Today, under the new leadership, as we look to break boundaries and take our expertise along to other geographies and industries, we will ride high on our adaptability and achieve our vision of ‘becoming the leading Managed Service-IT Solutions Provider for SMEs across industries in North America. 

ITEK. Evolve. Expand. Excel. 

ITEK Keeps Evolving - ITEK's New Branding

ITEK Keeps Evolving.

With the new leadership, ITEK is committed to staying ahead of the changes and business needs to provide our clients with the best technologies and services. Our goal is to enable our clients to maximize their productivity and minimize costly downtime by equipping them with an operating model that ensures cybersecurity, cyber resilience, data protection, and online privacy. Having established ourselves as a go-to IT advisor for the Dental industry, we believe it is time to take our expertise into other industries, as well. Now we’re honoured to serve many businesses in the Government and Healthcare sectors.


ITEK Keeps Expanding - ITEK's New Branding

ITEK Keeps Expanding.

With successful products and solutions to offer, we are driven to reach and empower as many small businesses as we can. For 2 years we had steadily expanded into Canadian markets outside Ontario. With our new venture Metallic IT, we are now in the USA. 

Announcing MetallicIT - Powered by ITEK

Metallic IT, powered by ITEK, is a woman-led, minority-owned managed services provider with greater than 17 years of experience in servicing healthcare and dental practices. This new era in patient care is witnessing increased use of tele-dental and e-healthcare services which has given rise to new risks and challenges. There is a need for dedicated time and resources to tackle cyber compromise and prevent data loss and money loss that can affect brand reputation which is tough to find in-house. Metallic IT has the solutions to eliminate these risks and provide peace of mind to the clientele.


ITEK Keeps Excelling - ITEK's New Branding

ITEK Keeps Excelling.

When the world came to a sudden standstill in 2020, businesses had to quickly innovate ways to emerge out of the abyss and resume their vision journey. Understanding the drastic change in the way businesses could operate, ITEK has taken the responsibility to help our clients adapt to the new normal. Now that this post-pandemic induced remote and hybrid work culture is here to stay, ITEK would like to announce the new Work from Home/Anywhere solutions.

For smaller businesses with lower capital, this is more than just an expensive shift. Familiar rigid operational processes now need to make way to more agile digital workflows. Revised infrastructure strategy, data accessibility and cybersecurity are new challenges that need quick focus. As the workplace evolves, there is a need for direction and expertise that may not be available in-house. And that’s where ITEK‘s newly launched ‘Work from Home/ Anywhere’ solutions come in; an effective way to make this migration less daunting. We understand and customize workplace solutions that can equip and enable small businesses to continue their vision journey uninterrupted and unperturbed.

We will also be adding more updated solution offerings that will be available starting 2022:

  1. ITEK Managed Identity for password/credential/sensitive data management
  2. Payment Automation, a transparent, easy-to-use payment portal that fosters better client engagement.
  3. Plans are underway to have ITEK Field Technicians all over Canada and USA by 2022.

Transformation led by Vision. 

Transformation exercises are the most challenging for any organization but when led by a strong vision and leadership, the journey is made more rewarding. At ITEK we believe success is not a series of wins, it is more of a collective, sustained growth towards an end-goal and requires continuous innovation. And this we will achieve by our commitment to evolve, expand, and excel every single day.